Saturday, July 4, 2009


  • Linux is the first full operating system available for Intel’s new titanium CPU and supports are available for HP, Compaq’s Alpha and Sun Microsystems SPARC CPUs.
  • Linux provide for a much wider user based extend the life of older working hardware and help save money for home, small business and even corporate user.
  • Linux can be work as a server platform; Linux is fast, secure, stable, scaleable and robust. Linux Kernel easily support multiprocessor computer system (optimized for eight CPUs) large amount of system memory (up to 64GB RAM) individual file size in excess of hundreds of gigabytes.
  • Red Hat Linux also spent quite a bit of effort on developing a comprehensive suit of graphical administrative programs or software tools.
  • The major features of Red Hat Linux are the inclusion of the latest GNU gee compiler system, supporting C/C++ language program development. The newest major version of the Apache Web Server and the Common UNIX Printing System (CUPS) which support more than 1000 different printers.

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